It's just a game.

Kelsey Bahm/22/Vancouver, Canada


As of now, my favourite fandoms are Don't Starve, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2, so you'll probably see a lot of any of those.

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Dream Suite Address: 5100-3831-9173

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Quickie of Toothless too. I just wanted to do that cool as all hell blue/black combination. 


Forum request;

Abigail chasing a Wendy ghost while Willow fights a Dragonfly.

And from that day forward, the Dragonfly was no longer the champion firestarter. It was part of a team of champion firestarters. 

A quickie of Stormfly done in Sketchbook pro. I need to figure out a way to get that dotty spray brush in SAI, I like it. 


Focus and motivation is practically non-existent today, ugh. 

Well my DeviantART is up to date now. That took around three hours. 

· not art ·

Someone suggested Don’t Starve having a detection feature similar to Animal Crossing when you didn’t save before quitting. (AKA Alt + F4)

Eventually this is just going to become Wilson with every character’s Ghost chasing behind him demanding revival.

The trains were down today so I had a 40 minute bus ride as opposed to 20 bus + train.
It’s Maxwell in my natural style, as in not how I usually caricature him. Maybe’ll I’ll take this further, who knows.

Request from the forums:

Here’s a fresh request if you’re in the mood. Webber chastising a Creepy Crawler spider’s person-eating habits. With the Guardian searching for a Wilson in the background. Hiding using the Bush Hat.

actual advice from a folk at klei 

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