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As of now, my favourite fandoms are Don't Starve, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2, so you'll probably see a lot of any of those.

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If you haven’t heard, I played as Maxwell in RoG finally. I got struck by lightning three times in less than ten days.

When I played as Wilson, I got struck once.

When I played as Wigfrid, I never got struck. I have come to the conclusion that Maxwell is actually a lightning rod.

He’s also been freezing in summer so I think he hates summer so much that he freezes just to spite it but that’s for another day.

Remember this post? I finished it. 

I wanted to do a movie poster (with no knowledge at all of the contest on dA by ecfor ) but I couldn’t figure exactly how to do it but after some time faffing around on google looking up various genres of mostly vintage posters, I came across this one;


and decided to base off of it. I’ve never even heard of this movie. 

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Streaming. Bored. Doing some Don’t Starve stuff. 

splapp-me-do's Violence the Strawberry, reimagined by myself… somewhat. 


If you haven’t gotten the new expansion yet I highly recommend it. Though you can’t actually ride Volt Goats in it. 

Brilliant, I put this on the wrong blog.

Don’t Starve style!

Somebody’s going to die tonight. 

The original sketch had a Deerclops pokin his head through the trees but I decided against it. 

Portrait Art I did for a Don’t Starve Mod for Markiplier. 

Nothing else in that mod was by me. 

I did a group picture! 

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