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As of now, my favourite fandoms are Don't Starve, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2, so you'll probably see a lot of any of those.

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Chester has a bee stuck on his tongue while a Treeguard is bombarded by Moslings.

Basically how Brent was turned into a naga. 

Brent's ears have come a long way from his Facebook RP days

Since he first showed up there anyways, a lot has changed.

He also got banned 5 times. 

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Doodledump of Brent I did today.

I'm seconding the Maxwell and Charlie carving a pumpkin idea! ))

I don’t blame you, it sounds quite precious. 

For the Halloween thing you could have the survivors trying to trick or treating at Maxwell's door? Like knocking on it in costumes and asking for candy? Idk.

I can see it already. Maxwell poking his head out of the door, “GO AWAY.” 

Chester dresses as a pumpkin. Wilson and Chester decorate a forest guardian and exchange Halloween presents

The Forest Guardian gives them elaborately decorated pine cones. 

And maybe treats made out of Honey.

Maxwell and Charlie carving pumpkins?

That just sounds like the cutest thing and I might have to do it. 

Taking suggestions for a Halloween picture. Let’s see what you guys can come up with!

Toon Johann.

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