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Kelsey Bahm/22/Vancouver, Canada


As of now, my favourite fandoms are Don't Starve, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2, so you'll probably see a lot of any of those.

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I had this scanned but I kept forgetting to post it. I tried some alternate shading techniques and I’m not sure if I’m 100% a fan of how it looks overall, but I think the dark parts could have their uses in some other atmospheres… 

Wolfgang I feel would be one of those gentle giants with a heart the same size as his moustache. 

every single one of my copic pictures is a learning experience because I never do them the same way twice. :i

Up next will be Wendy. 


My friend’s Pyro kind of caught me off guard.

· TF2 · Team Fortress 2 · Pyro · fanart · Valve · RED ·

I feel like this a lot. 



I might actually revisit this. 

Meatlug this time. These dragons are giving me a lot of shape play, it’s fun. 


It came from roleplay.

Quickie of Toothless too. I just wanted to do that cool as all hell blue/black combination. 


Forum request;

Abigail chasing a Wendy ghost while Willow fights a Dragonfly.

And from that day forward, the Dragonfly was no longer the champion firestarter. It was part of a team of champion firestarters. 

A quickie of Stormfly done in Sketchbook pro. I need to figure out a way to get that dotty spray brush in SAI, I like it. 


Focus and motivation is practically non-existent today, ugh. 

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