It's just a game.

Kelsey Bahm/22/Vancouver, Canada


As of now, my favourite fandoms are Don't Starve, Homestuck, and Team Fortress 2, so you'll probably see a lot of any of those.

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Requests are OPEN!

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Quick sketch of Tenzin done during one of my classes.

Wilson learns a valuable lesson about Rock Lobsters. 


This isn’t the plan I had for this at all. 

I went to Siggraph for the last couple hours and got handed a card for a free art program called Krita. It’s $50 on Steam, but site is free. It’s actually quite good, has some real nice features. 


This isn't really a request (actually, it kinda is by the way, love your art style!) but there is a game in which there is a character in which she is based on cartoons, the voice actor even sang the Animaniacs Countries of the World song! Her name is Peacock from Skullgirls.

Ahh yes, I’ve heard of Skullgirls. Got a bit burned out on it before I got the chance to actually play it but I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you very much! 

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I always want to draw these things but as soon as I start I remember why I don’t. 

Quick sketch of Cab Calloway. Why did everybody back then have such nice smiles like wow 

I don’t usually draw other people’s OCs on a whim but I was scrolling down my dashboard and found a rather… interestingly shaped one. 

Belongs to chocolate-time-machine

Sit tight, I’ve got some plans for this sketch.


Toon Demo out laying stickies on your blog. 


Toon Heavy strolling through your blog.

If there’s one thing I really enjoy about old cartoons, it’s their line rhythm. Everytime I do a drawing styled like this, I learn a little bit more about straight against curve, and even curve contrasts. 


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